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The Counseling Program At Double Eagle Elementary Is Designed And Dedicated To Meet The Needs Of Each Child By Focusing On The Physical, Social, Intellectual And Emotional Growth Of Each Student. This Is Accomplished Through A Counseling Program, Which Is Designed To Reach The Children Through Three Types Of Counseling. The Three Types Of Counseling Used Are Individual Counseling,group Counseling, And Double Eagle Support.

Individual Counseling

Individual Guidance And Counseling Is The Second Way That The Counselor Meets The Need Of The Children. Most Children, At Sometime In Their School Career, Experience A Problem Or Difficulty They Are Unable To Solve By Themselves. One Of The Counselor’s Main Roles Is To Listen To These Children And Facilitate Their Problem Solving. If The Problem Cannot Be Solved At School, It Is The Counselor’s Responsibility To Confer With Parents Or Make The Appropriate Referral.

Group Counseling

Group Counseling Is Established And Maintained Throughout The Year. Group Counseling Makes It Possible To Reach A Large Number Of Children Who Are Experiencing Problems In Areas Such As Grief, Self Esteem, Friendship, Divorce, And Anger Management. Through These Groups, Children Are Able To Receive Support And Guidance While Feeling Less Isolated And Alone.

Double Eagle Support

In Addition, The Counselor Serves As A Consultant To Classroom Teachers, A Resource And Support To Parents, And A Liaison To The Community. With The Use Of These Strategies And Interventions, The Counseling Program Is Able To Address The Needs Of The Whole Child.

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