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Nurse Forms

Forms for New and Returning Students

  • All health forms must be updated annually
  • All Double Eagle students must be up-to-date on immunizations
  • Check-in with the nurse to ensure your vaccines are up-to-date
  • Notify the nurse of any new immunizations received


Parent/Provider Authorization

  • Asthma forms: Complete an asthma action plan if your child uses an inhaler, even if they self-carry
  • Allergy form:  Complete an allergy action plan and special diet authorization form if your child uses an EpiPen or diphenhydramine for allergic reactions
  • Medication forms: Complete a medication form if your child needs medication at school
  • Special procedure forms: Complete a special procedure form if your child needs urinary catheterization or g-tube feedings
  • Seizure forms: Complete a seizure management plan if your child with seizures may need emergency medication at school
  • Diabetes forms: Complete a diabetes management plan if your child has diabetes


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